posted by Luchi 77 at martes, junio 19, 2007

The Peabodys - All out of you.
The infamous much too late release from these Pennsylvanian "buzz poppers". High shy guy vocals with hooks that'll make you an instant lifetime fan of this band. Originally recorded back in 2001, this CD was slated to come out on Mutant Pop Records, then Imperfekt Records, and is now a reality on Bling Bling. C&P.

Today Is The Only Day
Burn It
The Girl Ill Never Have
Security Blanket
A Song About A Girl
It Only Hurts When I Think
Its Not Over Yet
Nice Guys
Isnt It June
Last Sunday
So Im Dating An Axe Murderer
It Only Hurts When I Think-Alt
Cold Showers
All Your Lies
Youre Not Nice
Over It
Mood Ring


At mié. jun. 20, 09:15:00 a.m. 2007, Anonymous Dustbin Eddie

THANX A LOT. Great share and great blog. Keep it goin' like that.
By the way, would you happen to have
Bullets To Broadway -"Drink Positive"?? I'd really love to hear that one.



At mié. jun. 20, 06:30:00 p.m. 2007, Anonymous Toxxy

Cheers & thx for this one (too!) Luchi :)


At jue. jun. 21, 03:41:00 a.m. 2007, Anonymous Dustbin Eddie

Yesterday i asked for it and i just found it today on another blog. Maybe you wanna share it with the other visitors of your great blog