posted by Luchi 77 at martes, junio 05, 2007

Tiger Army - Music from regions beyond.
Music From Regions Beyond, is the definitive work by Tiger Army. It is a thrillingly diverse record, running the gamut from the break-neck yet melodic "Afterworld" and the soaring modern rock anthem "Forever Fades Away," to the dark wave pop of "As the Cold Rain Falls" (which has elicited early comparisons to New Order) and the country-leaning balladry of "Where the Moss Slowly Grows." It is also the first Tiger Army album that was not self-produced. A-list producer Jerry Finn (AFI, Morrissey, Rancid) partnered his experience and expertise with Nick 13's passion and self-motivation. C&P.

Prelude: Signal Return
Forever Fades Away
Ghosts Of Memory
As The Cold Rain Falls
Hechizo De Amor
Spring Forward
Where The Moss Slowly Grows