posted by Luchi 77 at lunes, julio 02, 2007

Allister - Dead ends and girlfriends.
At first listen, I noticed that the songs were kinda short, and that two of the original members hadn't been on "last stop suburbia". At times, it seemed almost like a different band. All the members sing, and each has atleast one song where their vocals dominate. I guess that can be considered a good thing, except for the fact that if you're not familar with the band, you sometimes forget you're listening to a full-length rather than a compilation. all in all though, this is a good, melodic piece of pop-punk work, with an early blink 182 ( dude ranch) feel. C&P.

Jimmy`s Girlfriend
Residential Burglary
It`s Just Me
Moon Lake Village
I Told You So
Friday Night
Chasing Amy
Fraggle Rawk
Love Song
I Want It That Way