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Komety - 2004-2006.
Komety are now one of Polands most popular alternative groups. The trios line-up: Leslaw (vocals, guitar, music and words), Pablo (bass) and Arkus (drums). Komety have created their own unique musical style. In October 2002, Przemyslaw Wojcieszeks film Louder than Bombs appeared in cinemas featuring Komety playing themselves and performing several of their songs. In March 2003, Jimmy Jazz records released Komety's debut album. It was released at the same time in Western Europe and the USA. After hundreds of concerts and appearances on numerous television music shows, the group began working on a new album which they started recording in spring 2005. In July 2005, the single Miasto turystów (Tourist City) appeared to promote the groups second record. In August 2005 the album Via Ardiente appeared, as did singles containing the songs Bezsenne noce (Sleepless Nights), To samo miejsce (The Same Place) and Ostatenie lato XX wieku (The Last Summer of the 20th Century.) Bezsenne noce was voted the sixth best song of 2005 by listeners of Polish Radio 3's Program Alternatywny show. In autumn 2005, Komety went on a concert tour of Poland which ended on 24th November 2005 with a live performance at the studios of Polish Radio 3. Compilations containing Komety's songs have appeared in the USA, France, Finland, Germany, Japan and Russia. An English-language version of Via Ardiente was released in February 2006. In April 2006 the group released "Komety 2004-2006" featuring new and previously unpublished songs. C&P.

Wdzinsach I W Sweterze
Kieszonkowiec Darek 2006
Eyes Of Green
Anna Jest Szpiegiem
Ze Wsi Do Miasta
Krzywe Nogi
Your Cheating Heart
Aztec Gold
Tak Mi Zle
My Rifle My Pony And Me