posted by Luchi 77 at miércoles, julio 18, 2007

The Methadones - This won't hurt.
Chicago's Methadones got our attention with their last proper album, "Not Economically Viable", which came out on Thick Records in 2004. It was their breakthrough, and anyone who overlooked that LP missed out on the BEST pop punk record of 2004. We then hooked up to release a hilarious party album ("21st Century Power Pop Riot") that featured The Methadones with a number of guest vocalists covering Cheap Trick, Costello, and more. Now it's back to business, and the Methadones have a new batch of originals that pick up where they left off with the great "Not Economically Viable". They recorded it at the famed Atlas Studios in Chi-Town. C&P.
Que los Methadones suenen así, ya no les sorprende a nadie, y para las comparaciones con el pop-punk de los Screeching Weasels ya a pasado demasiado tiempo. Esto es el estilo elaborado de Dan Schafer y los suyos. Aviso para confundidos I: Dan Schafter no es el cantante de los Copyrights, ese es su hermano mas chico (aunque suenen parecidísimos). Aviso para confundidos II: y quien carajo es Dan Schafter?, es Danny Vapid el bajista (autor de pila de temazos) de los SW y co-frontman de los Riverdales.

Six Degrees Of Seperation
Getting Older / Losing Touch
Poor Little Rich Girl
Street In My Hometown
Turning Up The Noise
Where Did You Hide The Sun
Falling Forward
Alcohol Makes The World Go Around
Break Out Of My Head
Starting Line
I Believe
Already Gone
Take Me To Japan (Bonus Track)