posted by Luchi 77 at martes, julio 10, 2007

The Popsters & Carbona - An Exciting Punkrock Bowling Competition (Split).
Italy and Brazil this time, each band doing 6 songs that will have you humming them all day. Fans of Ramones, Screeching Weasel, Queers and Green Day will want to pick up this split CD. C&P.

Popsters - I Lost My Brain
Popsters - Not A Love Song
Popsters - Where Did She Come From (Har
Popsters - Stay Away
Popsters - Breaking My Broken Heart (Car
Popsters - So Many Years
Carbona - Days Of The Weak
Carbona - Be My Girlfriend (The Popster
Carbona - Undefeatable And True
Carbona - 16 And Pine (Crazy Legs)
Carbona - I Hate My Fucking Job
Carbona - Piano


At mié. jul. 11, 02:11:00 p.m. 2007, Anonymous Anónimo

Hello hello !
Unfortunately the link doesn't work. The usual pop up window doesn't open for this one.
Congratulations for all your work. I'm listening to Pop punk for a very long imte and many years now, but even I still find lotsa stuff I don't have. Thanks again.