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The Queers - Move back home (reissue 2007).
Here's the third reissue from THE QUEERS. THE QUEERS are moving back in, so you can forget about turning their bedroom into a den. They sleep all day, never change their clothes, and play some of the most ferociously catchy punk rock in the world, but that doesn't mean they'll kick in for rent. This album tells a moronic tale of some rejects from New England, their failed love lives, their eating habits, their petty gripes, and their dumb pals. Hey, they're singing your life with their words!. C&P.

She's A Cretin
Next Stop Rehab
High School Psychopath Part 2
If You Only Had A Brain
I Gotta Girlfriend
Hawaii (Brian Wilson)
From Your Boy
Everything's Going My Way
Cut It Dude
I Didn't Get Invited To The Prom
That Girl (Larry Livermore)
Peppermint Girl
Surf Goddess
Mirage (Tommy James)
Get Over You (The Undertones)
Quit Talking Start Walking


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