posted by Luchi 77 at sábado, agosto 04, 2007

the Queers - Love songs for the retarded (reissue 2006).
Here's the rerelease from THE QUEERS' all time best seller. "Love Songs For The Retarded" has sold over 100,000 copies to date and is a punk classic that will continue to win over new fans. The catchy pop-punk, Ramones influenced band originally released this on Lookout Records in 1993. We've remixed the entire record and remastered to give it a bigger up to date sound. Throw in new artwork and you've got a brand new classic ready to be eaten up by the masses. C&P.

Youre Tripping
Ursula Finally Has Tits
I Hate Everything
Teenage Bonehead
Fuck The World
I Cant Stop Farting
Feeling Groovy
Debra Jean
Hi Mom Its Me
I Cant Stand You
Night Of The Livid Queers
I Wont Be
Monster Zero


At dom. ago. 05, 06:30:00 p.m. 2007, Anonymous Toxxy

H*ll yes Luchi!!! Thx very much for this beauty :-) Queers f*ckin' RULES OK!! This is their best release IMHO.


At jue. feb. 23, 02:19:00 p.m. 2012, Anonymous Anónimo

the link expired, please upload again