posted by Luchi 77 at viernes, septiembre 14, 2007

Apers - the Apers.
This hot band from The Netherlands brings you 12 brand new songs which show you they are definately one of the world's best poppunk bands of today. People who love the Ramones, Undertones, Buddy Holly and Screeching Weasel will be happy to find out The Apers used those same good ol' 3 chords and still managed to come with a totally refreshing sound to show you real rock-n-roll is ready to survive another century. C&P.

It's Ok To Hate Me
Eyes Open Wide
Only The Grim Reaper
Little Lost Girl
The Kids Are Out Tonight
Giving Up-Caving In
Always Have And Always Will
Beauty Queen
Don't You Cry Over It
One Million Love Songs (This One's For You)