posted by Luchi 77 at jueves, septiembre 27, 2007

Juniper Moon - Sólo una sonrisa.
First CD single release from their debut album 'El resto de mi vida'. In addition to the self-titled single 'Sólo una sonrisa', three never before released songs are also included: 'Cosas que nunca te dije', 'Ocho meses en globo' and a newer version of their demo-hit 'Superstar'. The producer responsible for the fresh and natural sounds is Carlos Hernández and the album was recorded in the Granada studios of Refugio Antiaéreo; JUNIPER MOON offer us bursts of energy, sassy performances and guitars with flare. C&P.

Solo Una Sonrisa
Cosas Que Nunca Te Dije
Ocho Meses En Globo


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juniper moon suena bien =)........awante este blog loko realmente ke es bastante poderoso XD............