posted by Luchi 77 at sábado, septiembre 29, 2007

VA - The Punk Rock Don't Stop (Apers Tribute).
Segundo volumen de una serie dedicada a celebrar el décimo aniversario del fenómeno punk-rock holandés The Apers. Versiones crudas, salvajes, hilarantes, estúpidas y absurdas de bandas internacionales del más distinto pelaje. C&P.

Numskull - Principal's Daughter
Travoltas - All You Need To Know
Zatopeks - Only The Grim Reaper
Battledykes - I Hate Guys With Girlfriends
Steinways - Really Really
Andrea Supermarket & Manges - It's You (Ever Since)
Accelerators - Wanna Go
Ritalins - Giving Up, Caving In
Sonic Dolls - I've Fallen
Leftovers - Do You Remember How I Cried
Random Heroes - Too Many Backpacks At The Show
Sugus - Evi
The Ergs - It's Ok To Hate Me
Popsters - Spend Your Weekends With Me
Unlovables - Please Don't Change
20 Belows - No One Is Getting Out Here Alive
Mugwumps - You Think You're So Damn Funny
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