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VA - Punk Sucks.
Punk Sucks is a California punk rock compilation album, released by Southern California-based Liberation Records in 1994. The album title is believed to have been derived from an obscure t-shirt design produced by a local independent record store in Costa Mesa, California: Noise-Noise-Noise. Many credit this album for introducing a new generation of fans to punk music in the mid 1990's. Fans of F.Y.P and Naked Aggression also noticed a peak in "jock" attendance at their shows shortly after the release of this CD. But actual evidence that this compilation was a direct influence of that change in crowd make-up has been disputed. C&P.

Pennywise - Slowdown
No Use For A Name - Soulmate
Ten Foot Pole - Racer X
Sublime - All You Need
Home Grown - Face In The Crowd
Voodoo Glow Skulls - Descendent's Song
White Kaps - Germs
88 Fingers Louie - Too Many
The Neighbors - Sometimes
H.F.L. - Old School Pride
Everready - I Hate You
Bollweevils - New Dreams
Unwritten Law - Crazy Poway Kids
Good Riddance - Mother Superior
Blink - M&M's
Strung Out - Support Your Troops
Naked Aggression - Right Now
Jugheads Revenge - 49 And 61
Funeral Oration Damn You
Overlap - Song No 9
Bouncing Souls - The Ballad Of Johnny X
Boris The Sprinkler - All My Time
Glue Gun - Skate The Haight
Quincy Punx - Cereal Killer
Fed Up - Can't Figure It
Straight Faced - Omit
F.Y.P. - 2000 Ad
Fighting Cause - Bummers
Supernovice - Out On The Grass
The Living End - Deadbeat


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