posted by Luchi 77 at domingo, octubre 14, 2007

the Casualties - Made In N.Y.C.
Over 22 songs loved by fans all over the world, can be found on this release. The recording took place in a small club in NYC in 2007. Both the CD and the double gatefold vinyl include a 60 minute bonus DVD featuring live and behind the scenes footage, and a tour of NYC punk rock landmarks with The Casualties. C&P.

Casualties Army
On The Front Line
Under Attack
Fight For Your Life
Ugly Bastard
Criminal Class
Punk Rock Love
In It For Life
Social Outcast
Made In Nyc
Blitzkreig Bop
On City Streets
Get Off My Back
System Failed Us Again
For The Punx
Tomorrow Belongs To Us
Unknown Soldier
Down And Out
Punx Unite
40Oz Casualty