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The Lombardies! - One Card Short.
CD release of the "Throw Your Love Away" album originally released on Lawless Records. Mutant Pop has taken 9 of the 14 songs that were on the album, renamed the CD, "One Card Short" and put it out on a limited run. The Lombardies! are young, loud and horny. These juvenile delinquents fire short blasts of punk rock for the kids. The songs are energetic, fun, silly, sophomoric, puerile and impossible to resist! If rock and roll is sex then these kids have found the perfect outlet for their libidinous anxieties. Musically speaking they have the same sound as the Queers "Love Songs for the Retarded" album. The buzz saw guitars are crunchy and astonishingly catchy. What really makes this album stand out is the vocals. Few punk vocalists have such power. Fans of snot filled pop punk will be clamoring for this record. The Lombardies! do their best to restore the good name of purient teenage punk. Anthems by kids, for the kids. C&P.

My Baby Drives Standard
Mystery Girls
Third Rail For You
I Wanna Take Advantage Of You Baby
One Card Short
Female Girlfriend
I Don't Call Back
Women Are The Problem
Ohh My Soul


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