posted by Luchi 77 at miércoles, noviembre 21, 2007

Hagfish - Hagfish.
Keeping in the punk/pop (sorry) vein of their previous two albums, Rocks Your Lame Ass and Buick Men, the boys have managed to release 15 more songs of pure perfection. After two weeks of listening, my favorites so far are, "Envy", "18 Days", "Hand", "Bop", "100% Woman", and "Alien", but remember, THEY ARE ALL GREAT! They do a great cover of the They Might Be Giants song, "Twisting". They step out of usual form on "Sucker", a song that is, as George (the singer) said in a recent show, about, "fucking". It has a nice little swing a swagger to it, and features the refrain, "Fields of girls in bloom". Need I say more? The three minute song barrier that Hagfish has managed to avoid on all songs besides covers (except for Buick Men's version of "Hose") is substanially broken by the song "Agent 37", which clocks in at a mighty 4:26. Another change from the norm: guitar solos! 13 out of 15 songs feature bonafide gee-tar solos. You'd think Zach was Angus Young or something. All in all, it's an excellent CD. You must buy it now. Steal it if you have to. . C&P.

Anniversary Song
18 Days
Doo Doo Noggin
Goes Down
100% Woman
Agent 37