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Head - Heil Head! (the complete discography 1992-1997).
This CD compiles every song that HEAD released between 1992 and 1997 including the original 7" version of Magic 8-Ball and of course, the classic "Street Level Assault" 12" ep. C&P.

Head - Do you remember me

The Theme Of Head
Do You Remember Me
What You Dig
Larry Tate
The Secret Weapon
I Ain't No Weak Tit
Tire Shredding
Hypnotism Hypnotism
Words Get Stuck
Senior Itchy
The Hate Van
I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Taking A Peek
I Hate Your Friends
Am I Fresh
I've Made My Peace
American Classic
The Ballad Of The Hamburglar
The Final Solution
Calvin And Susie
Magic 8-Ball
No One Likes A Snitch
Gladys Kravitz
Don't Go Looking In The Closet
The Sissy
Stag Party
I Don't Feel Sorry For Losers
Love Theme Of Head / Tribulations Of Chinaman
She's My Woman
Theme Of Head Part Ii
Pull The Plug


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Por favor re-up

1) Huntingtons - Fun & Games

2) Huntingtons/Darlington - Split

3) Huntingtons/Retarded - Split

4) Highschool Dropouts - Highschool Dropouts



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