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Mystic Roots - Constant struggle.
Mystic Roots Band has been touring the West Coast for six years bringing its unique style of positive "Hip-hop/Reggae," and dance music to thousands of people throughout the United States and Mexico. Having recorded two full-length albums (Chico Style-Released in 1997 & Constant Struggle-Released in 1999) as well as numerous singles, Mystic Roots Band has secured an incredibly loyal fan base that stretches from California, across the United States, and even into some European and South American Countries. With the upcoming release of a third full-length album, MRB have kept busy, as can be seen, in both the studio as well as on tour. Founded in 1996 by lifelong friends cootdog and Shayne T. along with some of their best buds, Mystic Roots quickly became one of the hottest acts in their college town of Chico, California. Pumping out a brand new mix of roots reggae and R&B with the flavor and energy of hip-hop, the music was perfect for the region: an intellectual message for struggling college students blended with the energetic force of highly-danceable beats for Playboy Magazine's #1 party school, Chico State. It wasn't long before any and all Mystic Roots shows were performed to guaranteed sold-out crowds whether it be at the bars or at the block parties. Constant Struggle is widely known breakthough album that resulted in international attention amongst young and old. The album, carefully crafted at Pro Sound Studio in Chico and released in 1999 sold thousands of copies completely free from major label affiliation. It continues to sell to this day, being the most recent full length Mystic Root's album. The album gets regular airplay from Oregon to Puerto Vallarta and everywhere inbetween. Capturing the ideas of love, life, struggle and celebration. The disc emcompasses the overall message of the band. C&P.
Si te gusta lo de Brian Nowell y cia. ...

Your Time Will Come
Pass The Marijuana
Tenement Yard
Love Hangover
Constant Struggle
Let It Go
Chico Live (Interlude)
Smoke Out ( Chico California )
The Doggy Dub
Sweet Sinsemilla
Stay (1)
April Rain
Rather Be In Love
Words Of Wisdom (Interlude)
Dj Inna Dance
Running From Babylon


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