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the Turbo A.C.'s - Avenue X.
With their 5th record they finally managed to improve their unique Surf Punk'n'Roll sound to perfection and have written the best songs of their career. Avenue X is loaded with hits and the three-piece never lets up to even take a breath. Full power, straight ahead, tight as hell and always equipped with a hookline to catch you up after the first round. In the second round The Turbo A.C.'s win with a knock-out. Songs like 1-800, Knifefight or Fistful Of Fury are absolutely representative of what The Turbo A.C.'s stand for and you can't get rid of the feeling that level 10 is not loud enough at all. But it's not fair to just mention single songs. Avenue X is almost like listening to a Best-of-record. The most impressive moments are when The Turbo A.C.'s strike out on new paths and introduce new instruments into their sound. Piano, bongos and panpipes appear, fit in perfectly, and give the songs an extra appeal. C&P.

Avenue X
Fistful of Fury
Do You Feel Lucky?
Anthem of United Humanity
Magic Bullets
Real Rain
No Time
Looking for Trouble
I Want More


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