posted by Luchi 77 at domingo, diciembre 02, 2007

Darlington - Live in Dallas 2007.
This new live album by Darlington shows you why his concerts are so much fun! Packaged in a Retro, eco-friendly Rice paper style sleeve just like vinyl 45s (This eco-friendly solution uses 69% less packaging! who needs shrinkwrap and a big jewel case? You know you just toss the wrap and leave the jewel case at home) . Featuring tracks that have never been recorded live, the sound quality is amazing and it really captures the intimacy and feel of a Darlington concert. Guaranteed no overdubs, recorded straight to the board as is like a live rock-n-roll album should be! Limited to only 1,000 copies, Each copy is hand-numbered. You’ll jump start that house party into some serious dancin’ fun when you spin this platter! Pick up a copy and have a rockin’ good time!. C&P.

Darlington - Perfect:

Gilrs + Summer = Fun
Sugar Fix
Pyjama Party
Stonehill U
Lucky Girl
The Sweetest Kiss
Croatian Cutie
Joe Queer Suckes
Judy Jetson
My Corola
Electrocute Me
Do You Wanna Dance
Track 18