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Snuff - Six of one, half a dozen of the other (1986-2002) I.
Contains almost all of their classic tunes including the classic "I think were alone now" If you think of the amount of American punk bands who made it big time, fame and fortune and all and the amount of great British punk bands who were around at the time who have largely gone unnoticed it realy is a shame. Snuff were a great band but probably suffered from producing a little too much in the way of music, this CD contains pretty much all you need to know. Some of their great songs such as 'not listening' with a bunch of their classic covers (like the great cover of the Specials 'do nothing') feature here.
C&P. Seguramente, la mejor banda de Punk inglesa de mediados de los 80's a la fecha.

Snuff - Iyehf Taidu Leikh:

Snuff - Somehow:

Not Listening
Too Late
Win Some Lose Some
Keep The Beat
Do Nothing
I Know What You Want
Spend Spend Spend
Sunny Places
Dicky Trois
Nick Northern
Whatever Happened To The Likely Lads
Soul Limbo
Iyehf Taidu Leikh
Nick Motown
Numb Nuts
Blue Gravy
7 Days (Solomon's Boring Week)