posted by Luchi 77 at jueves, junio 26, 2008

The Huntingtons - Plastic Surgery.
Too simple, no cool bass lines? Huh? Hey, it's really hard to keep it simple and clean and still sound as good as these guys do. Anybody can make it complicated. Not these guys. It just comes at you right down the pipe, no gimmicks, no spazmodic special FX. And for sucky vocals, true they ain't Frank Sinatra or the Beatles. But what the hell? It's not Rancid ...

I Wanna Be A Ramone
Heartbreak At The Hardy Holly
American War Machine
I Would Give You Anything
Tell Me Goodnight
Moral Threat
I'll See You Tonight
Growing Up Is No Fun
Girls Gone Crazy
Don't Clone Me
I Don't Wanna Go Out With Her
Now I'm Alright
I'm Not Dangerous
Mutant Monster Beach Party