posted by Luchi 77 at jueves, junio 26, 2008

The Huntingtons - Songs In The Key Of You.
This CD is a culmination of everything the Huntingtons have been doing with their music career. Everything is a hundred times better than their other stuff and they've shown that they're not a Ramones wanna-be band, as this CD is as good or better than most Ramones CD's. The lyrics are really clever (80's girl, Sorry About Your Window,Enchantment Under the Sea) or just relevent (What Do you Wanna Do?, The Last Time You Left.) The songs are slower, yes, but they make up for it with pure pop and great production. If enough people hear this cd, this could be their break. Standout tracks: If you Only Knew, The Last Time You Left, That Guy Stole My Girl, Nobody Likes Me.

What Do You Wanna Do
Nobody Likes Me
Welcome Back
That Guy Stole My Girl
Enchantment Under The Sea
Everything Is Fine With You
Really Really
80's Girl
Sorry About Your Window
The Last Time That You Left
Baby Please Don't Leave
Off My Brain
I'll Be Your Man
If You Only Knew