posted by Luchi 77 at sábado, junio 21, 2008

VA - European Pop-Punk Virus 2.
For the second time Stardumb put together the best of the best the European poppunk scene has to offer. 28 previously unreleased tracks by 28 bands, including THE APERS, RETARDED, TRAVOLTAS, THE MANGES, SONIC DOLLS, BACKWOOD CREATURES, DIRTSHAKES, THE POPSTERS, ZATOPEKS, 20BELOWS, SNOTTY CHEEKBONES, STRICKLANDS, BATTLEDYKES, BOONARAAAS and many more. What more do you want?.

The Ritalins - Too Good For Me
Manges - Long Way Back
Zatopeks - Devil In A 55
The Battledykes - Leave Me Alone
The Flakes - Shes So Natural
Travoltas - Oh Suzy
The Popsters - What If
Sonic Dolls - The Teen Age
The Boonaraaas - Turn Her Down
The Apers - It Just Takes Up All My Time
Retarded - You Gotta Go
The Grizzly Adams Band - She Sucked My Brain Out
The Waukees - Joey And Jude
The Stricklands - I Dont Wanna Be A Loser
4Teen Killers - 4Teen
Backwood Creatures - Im Alright
The 20Belows - I Give Up
Stinking Polecats - Lonely Boy
Dirtshakes - City Of Tomorrow
Spoonster - Crack Up
The Coffinkids - Everybodys Chickenin Out
Shoplifters - Cheap Talk And Cheap Cigars
Andys Donutz - Anything But Me
Snotty Cheeckbones - Happy To Be A Loser
Spanky Darth Vaders - On The Radio
The Boba Fett Youth - Mom
The Barbecuties - (I Really Love My) Supersquicshy Girl
3 And A Half Inch Floppy - This Wouldnt Have Happened To Bob Dylan


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