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VA - Insubordination Fest (2007).
... came and went: 3 days of stifling heat, power outages, Sick Sick Burgers, and more bands than we care to mention. The whole experience has left us stunned and bewildered. I mean Ben Weasel, MTX, HEAD, Teenage Bottlerocket plus 28 other bands! After hour 13 on Saturday, everyone was looking like they just survived an all day jungle death match against the likes of Frank Dux. leer mas!.

Chinese Telephones - Better Than The Next
Sick Sick Birds - Second To Last
Paper Dragons - Midnight Bike Rides
Short Attention - Cabbagethe Moon
The Riptides - Ottawa
The Unlovables - If You Were Here
The Ergs - Most Violent Rap Grouppray For Rain
Head - Am I Fresh
Hi-Life - California Girls
The Varsity Weirdos - Codependency
Banner Pilot - Bender
The Backseat Virgins - Beating Heart
For Science - Leeloo
Dead Mechanical - The Only Bad Thing That Ever Happened
The Av Club - Girl From Mars
The Guts - Easy Come, Easy Go
Wimpy Rutherford With The Guts - I Like Young Girlsthis Place Sucks
The Leftovers - Hypnotized
The Parasites - Hang Up
Ben Weasel - Joanie Loves Johnny
The Steinways - Are You Fucking Kidding Me
The Retarded - Gasoline
The Beatnik Termites - Somebody Else's Baby
The Apers - It's All Over You Know
The Copyrights - Thinking With The Lights On
Teenage Bottlerocket - Radio
The Mr. T Experience - She's Coming (Over Tonight)


At vie. jun. 20, 12:41:00 a.m. 2008, Blogger adicts714

Hola Luchi 77

Por favor re-up

Zatopeks - Ain't nobody left but us
Zoink - Well And Good


At vie. jun. 20, 01:17:00 a.m. 2008, Blogger Luchi 77

ok adicts, toy en eso, abrazo.